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Our unique position as a market leader in marine fabrication provide us with a vast array of high-tech materials, tools and processes to create extraordinary awnings and enclosures to any specification. The streets are flooded with common, standardized awning structures designed for mass production. While practical, they only aspire to serve minimal aesthetic needs. The design experts at Dockside Canvas Company understand the importance of form, function and the gravity of visual identity in the marketplace. Our portfolio includes a diverse range of possibilities: EZ2CY windows - whether static, removable or fold up actually provide more clarity than glass. Powder Coated frames w/matching fasteners. Interior finishing and trim details. The warmth of woven Sunbrella canvas or the sleek elegance of a modern composite. The function and economy of steel stitch technology. Whether blending with the aesthetic architectural identity of a building, creating an innovative contrast or providing a standard awning for a practical application, at Dockside Canvas Company, the same artistic and engineering principals apply.

ID:297 Custom patio enclosure

ID:294 EZ2CY Awning Enclosure

We’ll work with architects and designers to help create the impact you need. Our engineering services include everything required to certify your project structures with permitting authorities for stress, wind, snow and/or seismic activities, as well as fabric patterning of the tension structure membranes or graphics to ensure a precise and quality fit. We can bond, weld and frame aluminum to your exact design and specifications. For questions or more information, please contact us.


  • Commercial & Residential Awnings
  • Patio Enclosures
  • Restaurant Entry
  • Smoking Area Enclosures
  • Sun Screens
  • Seasonal Removal, Storage & Installation Service
  • Back Lit Awnings

Awning Fabrics

  • Awntex
  • Bondcote
  • Calabana
  • Coolglow/Northstar
  • Cooly Brite
  • Ennis 1974
  • Eradilite
  • EZ2CY windows
  • Firesist
  • Nite-Lite
  • Precontraint
  • Signtech
  • Strataglass
  • Sunbrella


  • Duratrack Systems
  • Steel Stitch Systems
  • Custom welded frames - aluminum, galvanized, stainless steel. Round or square tubing radial bent or jointed
  • Frame Powder Coating


AwnTex 120 #000 60" 36x18

Ideal for awning and umbrella applications. Awntex gives excellent shading advantages with out trapping heat or airflow. Ultraviolet ray, mildew and water resistant. Phifertex is infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection, helping to provide an additional level of cleanliness protection that won’t wash or wear away for the lifetime of the fabric. Microban protection inhibits the growth of stain and odor-causing bacteria, mold and mildew and works continuously, keeping fabrics cleaner for longer.
View Awntex Color Card

Tecnical Specifications

  • Base Fabric: Vinyl Encapsulated Polyester
  • FR Standards Met: None
  • Fabric Count: 36 x 18
  • Government Specifications Met: None
  • Grab Tensile: 330 x 165
  • Heat Sealable: Yes
  • Mildew Repellent: Yes
  • Opaque: 0.9
  • Style#: 000
  • Tongue Tear Strength: 78 x 39 Trap Tear
  • Trademark: AwnTex® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc. Microban® is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company
  • Translucent: 0.1
  • Warranty: 5-Year
  • Water Repellent: No
  • Weight: 16.8 oz.
  • Width: 60 in.


An excellent choice for awnings and canopies, Calabaña cloth is both strong and flexible, with unique self-contouring characteristics. Fabric beauty is protected by invisible organosol shield, for non-glare dirt repellency and mildew resistance. Exposure shrinkage is approximately 2% to 5% depending upon atmospheric conditions. View Calabana Color Card.

Tecnical Specifications

  • Base Fabric: Cotton Army Duck
  • Color: Emerald Green
  • Finish/Coating: Vinyl Coated
  • Government Specifications Met: None
  • Grab Tensile: 200 x 175
  • Heat Sealable: Yes with Seam Seal Tape
  • Mildew Repellent: Yes
  • Opaque: Yes
  • Put Up: 50 yd. pieces, 150 yd. cartons
  • Shrinkage Factor: Approx. 3-5%
  • Tongue Tear Strength: 6 x 7.5
  • Trademark: Calabaña® is a registered trademark of Graniteville Specialty Fabrics.
  • Translucent: NoWarranty: 5-Year
  • Water Repellent: Yes
  • Weight: 15 oz.
  • Width: 31 in.

Ennis 1974

View Ennis Info Sheet.
View Ennis Color Card.

Firesist 60"

Specifically designed for the commercial awning, canopy and shade markets, Firesist delivers a state-of-the-art combination of flame retardant performance and UV resistance. Firesist fabric is woven from high UV and fade resistant solution dyed fiber with a proprietary coating and finish that results in superior weather, stain, mildew and flame resistance. Extremely strong and tear resistant, Firesist is engineered for ease of fabrication, and features a lighter weight. Firesist’s deep, rich colors deliver long lasting good looks, and are color transfer resistant. View Firesist Color Card.

Tecnical Specifications

  • Base Fabric: Solution Dyed Polyester
  • FR Standards Met: California State Fire Marshal Title 10; NFPA 701, Test Method 2; CPAI-84, Tent walls and roof; FMVSS 302
  • Government Specifications Met: N/A
  • Grab Tensile: 350 x 200
  • Heat Sealable: Yes with Seam Seal Tape
  • Hydrostat: 95
  • Mildew Repellent: Yes
  • Opaque: Yes
  • Shrinkage Factor: N/A
  • Tongue Tear Strength: 20 x 14
  • Trademark: Firesist® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.
  • Translucent: No
  • Warranty: 5-Year
  • Water Repellent: Yes
  • Weight: 8.75 oz.
  • Width: 60 in.


Nite-Lite #2600 61" Green (Standard Pack 40 Yards)

Made from wick and craze resistant polyester scrim, Nite-Lite is an exceptional back-lit fabric that features vivid colors with a translucent white underside for spectacular illumination. An acrylic top coat makes this fabric easier to clean and extends its life by enhancing its resistance to UV, rot, mildew, stains and dirt. This durable fabric accepts pressure sensitive graphics as well as sewn-in and heat sealed inset fabrics, silk-screening and hand painting.

Tecnical Specificaitons

  • Base Fabric: Vinyl Laminated Polyester
  • FR Standards Met: California State Fire Marshal Title 19; NFPA 701 Test Method 2
  • Finish/Coating: Acrylic Top Coat
  • Government Specifications Met: None
  • Grab Tensile: 209 x 188
  • Heat Sealable: Yes
  • Hydrostat: Waterproof
  • Mildew Repellent: Yes
  • Opaque: No; Black: Yes
  • Put Up: 40 yd.
  • Tongue Tear Strength: 25 x 29
  • Trademark: Nite-Lite® is a registered trademark of Glen Raven, Inc.
  • Translucent: Yes; Black: No
  • Warranty: 8-Year
  • Water Repellent: Yes, Waterproof
  • Weight: 16 oz.
  • Width: 61 in.

Serge Ferrari Precontraint

Serge Ferrari Precontraint 502 #2144 70.8" Ivory (Standard Pack 54 Yards)

Designed and manufactured with the exclusive Précontraint Serge Ferrari technology, 502 delivers a remarkable performance in dimensional stability, weather resistance and durability. It is flame retardant and comes with an eight-year warranty to the awning market for fixed stationary awning frame projects under normal conditions. A five-year warranty applies for mobile and/or removable awning products. Available in a wide selection of solid colors and stripes with plenty of design punch and sophistication. This unique fabric is best suited for light structures, as well as commercial or residential awnings, half-spherical awnings, pergolas, and entrance canopies. Serge Ferrari Précontraint Coating Technology Designed and manufactured using the exclusive Serge Ferrari Précontraint technology, Précontraint 502 textiles have remarkable qualities. Exceptional Dimensional Stability Offering negligible stretching under load, Précontraint 502 textiles are not subject to deformation and can be used in large drawn surfaces. They can withstand wide temperature fluctuations without distortion for long-lasting use. High Durability With Serge Ferrari Précontraint manufacturing technology, architectonic Précontraint 502 textiles consist of a coating thickness on the top of the yarns which is much thicker than conventional coated fabrics. Thanks to this exclusive characteristic, they keep their tear and tensile strength qualities over time. Précontraint 502 is enhanced with polymers that help to maintain its beauty and performance over time. For maintenance purposes, simply wash with water and appropriate detergent.

Tecnical Specifications

  • Base Fabric: High-Tenacity Polyester
  • FR Standards Met: California State Fire Marshal Title 19; NFPA 701; ASTM E-84; Canada ULCS 109
  • Finish/Coating: Biface Vinyl Coated, Clear Varnish Top side
  • Government Specifications Met: None
  • Grab Tensile: 433 lbs.
  • Heat Sealable: Yes - Recommended RF Weldable
  • Mildew Repellent: Yes
  • Opaque: Depends on Color
  • Tongue Tear Strength: 48 lbs.
  • Trademark: Précontraint® is a registered trademark of The Serge Ferrari Group
  • Translucent: Depends on Color
  • Warranty: 5/8-Year
  • Water Repellent: Yes
  • Weight: 17 oz.
  • Width: 70.8 in.