Dockside® Custom Boat Carpet Mats

Marine Grade Carpet & Woven Vinyl

Custom made to fit any boat, Dockside Canvas Company's marine grade deck and carpet mats snap down safety and elegance underfoot. They protect from wear and tear, boarding and gear. Snaps hold fast while the soft pile lends traction to comfort. Refresh your style - vibrant colors and trim coordinate the carpet, upholstery and canvas into a complete design scheme. Is cleaning carpet becoming burdensome? How about a non-carpet deck covering solution? Infinity's Luxury Woven Vinyl closely simulates woven sea grass bringing an entirely new look and feel to deck and cabin. Feel free to contact us if you need help with your pattern or click here to download the PDF Patterning Instructions. You make the patterns, send them to us and we'll fabricate your deck mats to your specifications and send your completed custom deck mats back to you. Corinthian, Infinity, and Teak Carpet details are described below.

ID:316 Teak Carpet
Custom Fit Deck Mats

ID:315 Infinity Luxury Woven Vinyl
Seagrass #9 Close Up & Backing


Dockside Canvas Company’s custom fit snap down Corinthian boat carpet mats are offered in many colors and styles from basic plush to Berber and Teak. Waterproof channeled backing is designed for maximum drainage to help keep your carpet and deck non-slip and quick dry. Whether you want something soft under foot, to protect the floor, or to make a stylish statement we have a product for you. Dockside Canvas’s Corinthian Carpet mats are available with Sunbrella binding trim, custom logo embroidery, UV stabilized, mold and stain resistant for easy care. Performance is guaranteed with Corinthian’s 3 year factory warranty.


Infinity Fabric's, Luxury Woven Vinyl combines beauty and technology to create a durable yet elegant marine floor covering. Infinity Fabrics has been in the flooring industry for two generations. Starting with marine applications, this versatile flooring has moved to restaurants, hospitality venues, sports facilities, wellness centers, health clubs and hospitals. LWV also works GREAT in residential patio applications where weather resistance and elegance are prime design factors.

  • LWV has been carefully created for refined elegance from the perspective of artists. Volumes I, II and III can be viewed on this site.
  • From the molecular level LWV has been created to be anti-microbial and resistant to UV, heat, water and bleach. LWV is recyclable and has low VOC’s.
  • LWV is utilized in woven 10’ widths and can be made to appear seamless in large area applications.
  • It is ideal for indoor and outdoor applications as area rugs and in direct glue down installations where stability and durability are prime design requirements. Please look at our products, contact us and order samples. We regularly have displays at boat shows and other venues which are announced in our Newsletter, sign up for it above!

Infinity Website  |  Fabric / Colors Card 1   |   Fabric / Colors Card 2   |   Fabric / Colors Card 3.

Teak Carpet

UV resistant, 100% Synthetic yarns ensure that Teak Carpet is resistant to the extraordinary effects of exposure to water sun and salt. Teak Carpet features a feather light marine backing which unlike rubber backing, is designed for maximum water drainage through the bottom of the carpet. Its marine grade coated backing provides the stability for use in snap down, loose and glue down applications. Teak Carpet’s light weight makes removal for cleaning and boat maintenance a breeze. Manufactured by Marine tuft Australia, Teak Carpet is now available in most boating countries around the world and here in the US at Dockside Canvas Company.

Product Specifications

  • Pile Fiber: 100% Marine grade SDPP BCF Fibers with maximum UV inhibitors.
  • Primary Backing: Marine grade Polypropylene/Specifically developed adhesives.
  • Secondary Backing: Marine grade Polypropylene/Specifically developed adhesives.

Test Standards

  • Fire Test ASISO 9239.1
  • Automotive light fastness test SAE-J1885
  • Color fastness to salt water AS2001.4.E02(AS ISO105.E02)
  • Color fastness to light ISO 105.B02
  • Color fastness to chlorine AS2001.4.11

Limited Warranty

2 years (1st year material and installation, subsequent year, material only). The product warranty covers excessive wear, UV degradation, and excessive fading.