Care & Cleaning of Vinyl (Clear) Isinglass Boat Windows

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How To Clean Clear Vinyl Isinglass Boat Windows (Roll & Sheet)

Cleaning Isinglass
  • Rinse off loose dirt and particles with clean fresh water.
  • Fill a clean bucket with fresh water and add a mild, non‐detergent soap such as Dreft. Mix ¼ cup soap per 1 gallon of water.
  • Wash the windows by wiping them with a soft cloth, towel or washing mitt and soap/water solution.
  • Rinse thoroughly in the same manner with clean fresh water and a clean cloth.
  • Dry the isinglass with a clean absorbent cloth or towel to prevent water spots.
  • Now the windows are ready for scratch remover and polish.

Do Not

  • Do not use window cleaner, since Windex, detergent soap, dish soap, Fantastic, simple green, Rainx or any other cleanser on clear vinyl boat windows. These chemicals break down the plasticizers that prevent yellowing, hazing and cracking.
  • Do not use paper towel or anything abrasive to wipe the windows‐they will scratch.


  • Only use a mild non‐detergent soap such as Dreft or products that are specifically labeled for use on clear vinyl boat windows or isinglass.
  • Follow up with 210 plastic scratch remover.
  • Frequently apply a specialized polish and/or UV protectant after cleaning to maintain clarity and prevent sun damage such as 210 plastic cleaner/polish.