Our EZ2CY™ and Cool2Sea™ Products

Dockside Canvas Company® is a Licensed Distributor of EZ2CY™

EZ2CY™ patented enclosure is the clearest enclosure you can buy! Acrylite acrylic used in EZ2CY™ makes it clearer than so called "Clear Vinyl", Coated Vinyl Polycarbonate, even clearer than glass. In fact, after 5 years use, the EZ2CY™ enclosure will be as clear glass. Acrylite is not attacked by diesel fuel (or smoke) and will not yellow, another advantage over these other materials.

Easy Care

EZ2CY™ enclosures can be easily cleaned and are more resistant to scratches than clear vinyl and polycarbonate. Unlike coated vinyl or polycarbonate, when minor scratches do occur, they are easily removed with cleaners. EZ2CY™ view from inside a boat As you can see from the image to your left, with proper maintenance it's hard to tell EZ2CY™ is even present.

ID:338 Viking Motor Yacht 63 'Crown Jewel'

ID:337 Merrit Fly Bridge/Sports Fish 63 'Sierra Hotel'

Enclosure Information


As with any quality product, cleaning your EZ2CY™ enclosure is a vital part of keeping it in good working condition, season after season. Look here to find out how to care for your enclosure, including regular maintenance, product recommendations (and warnings), zipper care, and polishing and scratch removal. You can access this section of the site directly by clicking on Cleaning on the navigation menu above.


EZ2CY™ enclosures are able to meet and exceed customer expectations on such a consistent basis because they are made from quality components. Each component of an EZ2CY™ enclosure contributes to the effectiveness of the system as a whole. You can access this section of the site directly by clicking on Components on the navigation menu above.


EZ2CY™ originated and perfected track-to-track installations, and is still unrivaled in this respect. An enclosure's main function is to provide protection from foul weather, wind, and water, while maintaining optimum visibility. However, the ability to let air flow is important when at dock or running in good weather, and is just as important a function. EZ2CY™ has many answers to opening panels and allowing airflow. In fact, most owners find opening and closing EZ2CY™ panels easier than conventional enclosures! You can access this section of the site directly by clicking on Opening on the navigation menu above.

Tower Configuration

The design of your tower is an important part of the integrity of your EZ2CY™ enclosure. This section explains some things to watch out for, and some tips on finding a tower company that can accommodate your needs. You can access this section of the site directly by clicking on Tower Configuration on the navigation menu above.


Window cleaning sprays, RainX®, kitchen scouring compounds, and alcohol-based solvents (such as acetoneez2cy cleaner and lacquer thinner) should never be used on your EZ2CY™ enclosure. Caution also needs to be exercised when using metal cleaners on pipework that is adjacent to the enclosure.