Marine Grade Carpet & Woven Vinyl

Custom made to fit any boat, Dockside Canvas Company’s marine grade deck and carpet mats snap down safety and elegance underfoot. They protect from wear and tear, boarding and gear. Snaps hold fast while the soft pile lends traction to comfort. Refresh your style – vibrant colors and trim coordinate the carpet, upholstery and canvas into a complete design scheme. Is cleaning carpet becoming burdensome? How about a non-carpet deck covering solution? Infinity’s Luxury Woven Vinyl closely simulates woven sea grass bringing an entirely new look and feel to deck and cabin. Feel free to contact us if you need help with your pattern or click here to download the PDF Patterning Instructions. You make the patterns, send them to us, and we’ll fabricate your deck mats to your specifications and send your completed custom deck mats back to you. Corinthian, Infinity, and Teak Carpet details are described below.

We offer all of our carpet solutions in the following materials:

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