Dockside Decking, a revolutionary non-skid marine flooring product designed for rugged marine environments. 

Dockside Decking is a polyethylene based, UV-resistant closed-cell PE/EVA foam product currently available in over 10 color patterns.   It’s soft on your feet and provides excellent traction when wet or dry.   In addition to it’s good looks, Dockside Decking won’t absorb those troublesome liquids typically found on deck such as motor oil, fish blood, red wine or beer!   Lastly, it is easy to clean and is stain resistant.

Additional Benefits-

  • Shock Absorbent Reducing Fatigue from Excessive Standing
  • Protects your Deck from Scratches and Gouging
  • Excellent Traction for Reducing Slips
  • Reduces on Deck Temperature

Dockside Canvas will meet with you discuss what areas you would like to cover with Dockside Decking.   Applications can range from Aft Decks, Steps, Helm Stations, Trailers, Swim Platforms and many more!   Dockside Decking is an exceptional upgrade to any boat or yacht flooring including Sea Ray, Carver Yachts, Cruisers Yachts, Formula, Fountain, Tiara Yachts and many more.

First, we will then take digital measurements with our 3D measuring device for a precise fit in preparation for the design to be built in our CAD (Computer-Aided Design) software.   Then the material is cut with a CNC router bringing our design to a beautiful finished product.   Design capabilities are endless, choose from a traditional teak flooring design, insert your boat name or  we can work on your custom design giving you a one of a kind flooring solution.  

There are many UV-resistant closed-cell PE/EVA foam products available but come and see the Dockside Decking difference!

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