Repair Services for Canvas Boat Tops & Upholstery Boat Seats

Everything on a boat takes a beating in the marine environment. Even high end marine grade goods will eventually break down despite proper care and maintenance. That’s why Dockside Canvas Company provides top quality repair service to prolong the life and maintain the look and design of your marine covers and enclosures.

Whether you need a quick fix patch on a mooring cover or an exacting window replacement on a bridge enclosure, Dockside Canvas Company offers both detailed and economy repair services. Just let us know what suits your budget and needs and we’ll go over all of your options to ensure you get the best results.

Repair Services

  • Awning Repair
  • Boat Top Repair
  • Boat Seat Repair
  • Custom Alterations
  • Frame Repair – Welding – Tube Bending
  • Re-Stitch
  • Snap & Hardware Replacement
  • Tent Repair
  • Upholstery Repair
  • Velcro Replacement
  • Window Replacement
  • Zipper Replacement

Detailed Repairs

Detailed Repairs are recommended for lightly worn products and high end tops, seats and enclosures. We will match the original materials or upgrade to your specifications. Our Marine Canvas Professionals remove all of the old threads then strive to sew new thread into the previous needle holes.

This gives the repair a cleaner finish while fewer needle holes help maintain strength and water resistance. While sewing into the old needle holes may seem impossible and time consuming, it’s really quite amazing how our canvas pros are able to successfully match their machine’s stitch length to that of the original, and sew through most of the old needle holes. Of course, if the prior sewing has inconsistencies, it is not likely that every prior stitch point can be hit dead on.

For jobs that don’t warrant exacting detail such as plow through re-stitching an old canvas, we will work with you to budget the right balance between function and aesthetics.


As a custom shop, we not only fabricate brand new work but also can do just about any creative, custom alteration one can imagine. A boat can be a dynamic, ever changing adventure. New gear, fixtures and improvements may change the way a cover lays over a space. Changing docks could mean a new entrance zipper in a panel. The possibilities are endless. We love to help our customers customize their canvas to suit their individual needs.

Boat Top Isinglass Window Replacement

When, after years of dependable service, canvas covers finally begin to break down, the windows are usually the first thing to show their age. Especially the panels that get the most direct sunlight. Clouding, flaking, yellowing, frame burns, brittle and cracked – the only solution is to replace them. At Dockside Canvas Company, we stock virtually every material on the market to replace your worn boat windows. Whether a large yacht enclosure or wee little runabout, we can match the original material or tailor it to your changing needs. Our canvas pros excel at detailed window replacement – complete removal and replacement of worn windows as well as the economical sew over and cut out method. Contact us with your requirements and we’ll be happy to provide the service that best suits your needs. With Dockside Canvas Company’s professional window replacement, it’s as though brand new windows magically appear in your existing canvas.


When thread on a boat top wears out, breaks and unravels, it’s time for a re-stitch. Even marine grade UV protected poly thread will break down after about 5 years of sun exposure. (Gore’s Tenara Thread will not break down. It’s guaranteed for the life of the boat top and is used on most custom work at Dockside Canvas Company).

Reinforcement Patches

A patch is installed on the underside of the canvas to prevent objects that touch the canvas from chaffing through: Throttle levers, Anchor, Cleats, Windshield edge, Fishing Pole Holders, etc.

Tear & Hole Patching

At Dockside Canvas Company, we employ a sandwich patching system. The original canvas tear is patched on the top and bottom then sewn through all 3 layers using matching materials whenever possible. This renders the tear invisible – bottom and topside finishing, while providing added strength.

Upholstery Repair

Boat seats probably endure more wear than any other fixture on a vessel. Dockside Canvas Company’s upholstery craftsmen routinely patch holes, replace panels, foam and wood base boards. We try our best to expedite repairs to get the upholstery back on the boat as soon as possible. There’s a lot to consider when deciding to repair a damaged boat seat. How long will it take? Is it worth it to replace the damaged panel or just patch it for now so the tear does not spread? Will the material on the new panel match the other panels exactly? Would a whole new seat cover be more prudent? Dockside Canvas Company makes it easy. Contact us and we’ll be happy to recommend the most practical approach for your upholstery repair job.

Velcro Replacement

Worn out Velcro can be quite bothersome when panels and openings no longer seal tight. It also lends an unkempt, shabby look to an aging enclosure. Inexpensive and quick to replace, why not tighten up that top with new Velcro? If the top has any openings or misaligned panels, they can be sealed tight by adding new Velcro flaps.

Zipper Replacement

Broken boat top zippers, missing teeth and broken sliders. Perhaps no other part of a boat’s canvas takes more use and abuse than the zippers. Constant opening and closing, sliding and pulling as well as the suns damaging UVR rays all conspire to break down these tough mechanical wonders. Dockside Canvas Company stocks all sizes and colors of top quality marine grade YKK zippers to accurately match the zippers on your enclosure. Often when one zipper goes, others will soon follow so an inspection of all zippers is recommended. Any zipper exposed to direct sunlight will wear out twice as fast as one that has been covered. Zippers at entry points or under great tension will fail before ones that get little use. When the teeth get dried out and chalky they are reaching the end of their lifespan. Black zippers will get dull and grey colored. If you look closely at a closed zipper held up to the light and see tiny gaps of light where the teeth meet, they are well worn and one can expect them to fail soon. While it’s critical to replace the zipper that is broken, one should consider replacing zippers that get a lot of use or hold together critically important panels. Preventative zipper replacement will save time, keep the canvas on the boat rather than the shop table and help ensure that captain and crew stay dry in a surprise gale.

For a whole zipper replacement (replacing both halves of a zipper) both panels that zip together must be brought to our shop (or mailed). A complete zipper has 2 parts – hook (male) and slider (female).

Dockside Canvas Company has the materials and know-how to complete all of your alteration and repair needs.

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